BackToSchoolAppsHeaderThe first day back at school can be nerve-wracking for students, teachers and parents. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s staying organized, making the bus, or sounding smart, AT&T has put together a list of apps and tricks to cure the back-to-school jitters:


  • Worried about oversleeping? Download CARROT Alarm. According to their website, ‘CARROT Alarm is a talking alarm clock set to revolutionize the mornings of sleepy humans everywhere. Unlike other alarm apps, CARROT will actually make you look forward to waking up thanks to an innovative combination of mini-games, rewards, and a hilariously twisted personality.’
  • Anxious that you won’t sound smart in class? How about 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart. No seriously, it’s an app. According to the iTunes store 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to sound sharp, sophisticated, and in the know.
  • Dreading keeping a planner up to date? Your phone can be used for more than just gaming! Keep your homework, activities, grades and teacher information all right on your favorite device.  iHomework is a student’s best friend during the busy times of the school year.


  • Fresh off summer break and worried about adjusting to the noisy classroom? Try Too Noisy. On their site the Too Noisy app is described as ‘a Noise Level Meter built to help control the noise level of groups of children. As the noise level in a classroom increases beyond an acceptable level the noise level meter dynamically indicates the level of noise, and the background graphics within the app change to reflect the noise levels.’
  • Worried about keeping track of all your students? Check out Teacher Kit. This app helps you manage your classes, manage your students, add photos of each student, takes behavior notes, attendances and much more.
  • Anxious about your lesson plans? Be prepared to spice things up in the classroom with Classroom Ideas to Go! According to the app store, Classroom Ideas to Go! offers more than 1,200 hands-on ideas to use in your lessons. Browse by grade level, subject, and activity type (from group work to crafts to games) to instantly find hundreds of ideas from Instructor, Scholastic’s magazine for K–8 teachers.


  • Worried your little one is going to come back home with a bug or two? Facts of Life is ‘an easy to use app that informs, educates and even tracks head lice outbreaks! Get the facts from the real experts who have been around since 1999.’
  • Back to School shopping hurting your heart and your wallet? Be sure you are getting the best deal with PriceGrabber. According to the app store, ‘the PriceGrabber app helps you quickly find the lowest price on millions of products from thousands of online merchants and local stores. Find products, compare prices, read product reviews, and get merchant ratings — it’s all right in your hand!’
  • Anxious about making it to tuba lessons, soccer practice and drama club? The Cozi app calls itself ‘the surprisingly simple family organizer. Cozi keeps track of everything from school schedules and sports activities to grocery lists, meals and chores — all in one place the whole family can access anytime, anywhere.’