BeingAFriendWith so much discussion about peer cruelty, meanness, teasing and simply not being kind to each other, having the reminder that Being a Friend and Being Good are gifts that never get old.

We have graduations coming up, Easter, Passover and maybe some people have birthdays.  I know so many people out there have turned to digital books, however I am still old-fashioned and love my tangible book.

With Papersalt Publishing, these books are ones you keep on your bedside, your coffee table and with your children’s library of books.  They are fresh, empowering, inspiring and many are even comical.  They make real situations a bit easier to deal with and understand.

I personally have found they make the best gifts.  There are topics for every occasion.  My niece still browses her “The Teenage Girl”, I created a baby gift basket for a friend last year that included “Being a Girl” since she had a daughter also and I didn’t want her to feel left out.

How to Ditch Your Parents is one of the most comical and extremely information reads!  It is everything a teen needs to know before they move out – and that includes leaving for college – I highly recommend this for graduation gift!  I loved it!!!!  So did my son – sort of!  Of course the kids will just chuckle it away…..

So if you are trying to think of gift ideas – whether it is for a baby shower, birthday, graduation, etc… you have to check out Papersalt and their variety of books and other gift ideas!  It is truly one of my favorite places to visit!

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