February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

A recent study shows that young men who frequently bully their peers are also more likely to perform acts of domestic violence as adults.

Parents, schools and our community need to know there are many resources they can reach-out to for  valuable information to offer teens about relationships.  Though teens think they may know it all, we are the adults and it is up to us to give them as much guidance as possible.

Continue to talk about the what their dating habits, relationships and how their partner is treating them.  Let them know what the warnings signs are–they need to understand that it is okay to say no and respecting themselves is a priority.

Below are examples of programs that can assist schools and communities:

  • Expect Respect  is a program that assists students, parents and teachers in supporting healthy relationships. The program uses groups, presentations, training and a volunteer program.
  • Safe Dates is a program that helps teens recognize healthy and abusive relationships. The program seeks to prevent the onset of abuse in dating relationships.
  • Fourth R: Skills for Youth Relationships is a program that promotes healthy and safe behaviors. The program aims to improve relationships with peers and dating partners.

Below are examples of programs and resources to help teens navigate bullying and teen dating abuse:

  • That’s Not Cool Campaign  is a national campaign raises awareness of teen dating abuse. The campaign youth are encouraged to send examples of unhealthy behavior to others via text messaging.
  •  provides a safe space for young people to be feel safe and supported online and offline. Peer advocates are available to chat online.
  • The National Dating Abuse Helpline offers online chatting, texting, and other resources.  If someone needs help, please provide the number to the National Dating Abuse Helpline 866‐331‐9474 (TTY: 866‐331‐8453). You may text “loveis” to 77054.

These are all excellent resources to provide you with the information you need to be a voice for change in teen dating violence and bullying prevention.