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New data shows that two-thirds of teens surveyed say they have engaged in at least one risky behavior online. The survey1, commissioned by AT&T, polled New York City teens, parents of teens and millennial parents of younger children to gauge how children are consuming media on mobile devices – and what their parents understand of their behaviors. […]

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Distracted driving is a major problem and our devices are one of the biggest culprits. According to a poll conducted by Braun Research, 95 percent of drivers polled in the survey said that they disapprove of distracted driving, however, 71 percent engage in some sort of smartphone activity while driving. It’s not easy for teens […]

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Pokémon Go has taken over in the last couple of weeks, consuming the attention of children, teens and even adults. This game, which blends the virtual world with our real world, has made headlines not only because it broke download records but also because it has caused accidents, injuries and even robberies. Using the GPS […]

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Surfing the Net. Checking email. Posting to social media accounts. These are just a few of the things drivers are doing while behind the wheel. According to research from AT&T, 7-in-10 people admit to engaging in smartphone activities while driving. In light of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, AT&T is sharing the following tips to help […]

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With most people carrying smartphones today, it’s become easier than ever for parents to keep tabs on their little goblins. Cell phones today provide more than just the ability to call and check in on your children’s location. AT&T wants parents to be aware of other ways they can use their wireless device, and their […]

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February 25 is national Pink Shirt Day. The national observance came about as the result of a teenage boy who was bullied when he wore a pink shirt to school. The next day, dozens of the teen’s classmates, in a show of opposition to bullying, all wore pink shirts to school. According to the U.S. […]

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If you are one of the 41 million of Americans hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday, AT&T is urging you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. There’s nothing on your phone that can’t wait until you get to your destination safely. To help you fight the temptation to […]

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AT&T announced the results of a survey it commissioned with tech addiction expert Dr. David Greenfield that found the ring, beep or buzz of your cell phone triggers compulsive cell phone behavior. According to the study, twice as many people as self-reported cell phone addiction are showing compulsive phone behaviors – with 74 percent of […]

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Bullying and the prevention of it has become a major focus in our schools. Bullies are no longer limited to just verbal or physical bullying. Text and online bullying have become a serious problem among adolescents and teens.  According to School bullying statistics in the United States: About one in four kids in the U.S. […]