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Data Privacy Day is Thursday, January 28th, 2016. For people who are very cautious about their personal information and money, online shopping seems like not such a good idea at all. But if you choose not to shop online, you are missing many great things it can offer for you. Better relax and read the […]

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Have you become part of a social media cliché? Have you become so predictable that  your friends know what to expect from your keystrokes, posts, and comments? Safer Online by Microsoft challenges you to think of this before you post — since it will be there a long, long time. Are you hashtag hyper?  Do […]

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As we head into August, millions of teens will begin the transition to adulthood by matriculating to college. Many of these newly independent teens will find themselves the target of online scams. In this 24/7 digital world, sending a son or daughter off to college can be a daunting task. Of course, parents want to […]