CES_StandUpBy educating ourselves, parents, teachers, and students, we are elevating our community.

Florida is sadly recognized for tragic headlines of youth suicides, bullying and cyberbullying.

When the oldest city in our country, St. Augustine, decided to launch The Community Empowerment Series in 2013, no one imagined it would grow into an event that now.

We have five national and internationally renowned speakers/authors arriving in St. Johns County, Florida for our March 29th event.

Dr. Michele Borba will be discussing bullying prevention as well as ending school violence.

Dr. Sameer Hinduja will discuss cyberbullying prevention and how your children can become upstanders in our community. His latest book, Words Wound, is a best seller for kids to give them a toolkit to combat online harassment.

Stacey Honowitz, Florida’s leading sex crimes prosecutor, will be here to break the ice – no one is immune to stranger danger.

Theresa Payton, cyber expert, and recently seen on The Daily Show, will be offering cyber-civics workshops on cyber-security and privacy.  Her new book, Privacy In the Age of Big Data is the platform.

Sarah Burningham will have two workshops for girls ages 8 years-old and up on body image based on her new book, Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body.

Proudly, I am the co-chair of the event with my dear friend, Peggy Gachet.  We started this event because we were asked to raise money for non-profit organizations that help children, specifically underprivileged kids, in our area.

I reached to my friends Michele Borba, Theresa Payton and Stacey Honowitz and they all stepped up to the plate last year to help out.  I am so grateful they are back this year in addition to our new speakers/authors.

With the support of a very generous community of businesses and individuals, The Community Empowerment Series 2014, will not only educate, empower and enrich our parents, teachers, students and the community – we will be helping the kids at our local Boys and Girls Club of St. Augustine.

The Dance Company of St. Augustine is implementing dance classes for kids that would otherwise never have the experience of the arts.  Like with many activities, when children are part of a hobby or interest, they are less likely to get in trouble and feeling good about yourself will help you make better choices in life.

Let’s get kids off the streets and on their feet!

Our children are the future leaders for our country.  It is up to us to educate and strengthen them.

The Community Empowerment Series is a free event to the public and is raising money through community people that believe in the future of our children.  It is a win-win for everyone!