ParentTeen2We have constantly said that although October was Bullying Prevention Month, we also consider it Cyberbullying Prevention Month, we have to continuously discuss awareness and educate our communities on curbing this type of cruelty – both offline and online 365 days a year.

The fact is bullying is no longer limited to our playgrounds, school hallways, bathrooms or even the cafeterias – these bullies follow your kids home electronically through their devices.

This is why it is imperative to continue to learn as much as you can about online abuse as well as offline.

This past October we had some great experts, advocates and educators that contributed to helping parents, students and others learn more.

I want to share some of my favorites here, as well as some that I have written for this month… there are many others, be sure to continue to share them on Twitter with me at @SueScheff or on Facebook.

How Empathy, Kindness and Compassion Can Build Belongingness and Reduce Bullying – Cyberbullying Research Center

Want to Know About Cyberbullying? Ask A 6th Grader – by Diana Graber

10 Strategies for Stopping Cyberbullying – by Signe Whitson

10 Ways to Help Kids Deal With Digital Friction – by Toni Birdsong

31 Difference Makers for School Bullying Prevention Offline and Online – Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI Training)

Keep Your Child Cyber-Safe, There Is No Rewind Online – CPI Training

Cyberbullying Fact and Other Student Safety Concerns That Will Astound You – Gaggle

11 Possible Signs of Cyberbullying – Dr. Michele Borba

Practice What You Preach: Stop Bullying for Kids AND Adults – CPI Training

Bystander Revolution #MonthOfAction was extremely inspiring! Check out their site, and challenges. If you can instill some of their ideas in your life, you will be making a difference – both online and offline.

Upstanders On the Rise –

Cyberbullying: It’s Not Just for Kids – Connect Safely

#Kindness Wins Challenge#SeeTheGood – by Galit Breen, These Little Waves (Galit is the author of Kindness Wins. In the month of October she shared the most amazing stories of people that gives you faith in humanity today. Take the time to read her website and her posts – they are so inspiring).

Your Child’s Online Behavior Is A Reflection of Offline Parenting – Education Nation

Facing Reality: Cyberbullying Is Not A Fad, It’s A Trend

What It’s Like to Become A Halloween Costume – by Monica Lewinsky

As October came to a close, I read an article that Monica Lewinsky wrote. ¬†She writes, “..there’s a fine line between clever and cruel.

Isn’t that what online harassment sums up to be in many situations? Sometimes people think they are being funny – it’s only a joke, but do they forget that there is a human, breathing person¬†connected to the other side of the screen. We all matter – and we all have feelings – it hurts.

CyberMentor2Let’s all try to curb cruelty with a touch of kindness. Cyberbullying is not going away, we can slow it down, we can take accountability for our own actions and most importantly, we can start off by becoming a cyber-advocate and/or cyber-mentor for someone you care about. A sibling, friend, family member – maybe even your grandparent. Be there for them not only offline – but be their extra eyes online too.

PS: Be sure to put ‘cyberbullying‘ in the search box on this site, and you will find many recent articles I wrote here too this month!