It is a word that many believe may soon be extincted online.

We hear it frequently:

  • Choose a safe password
  • Never give out your social security number online
  • Check your privacy settings – frequently
  • Know your friends on your social media networks
  • Never post questionable photos or comments
  • Check your privacy settings – again

Fact is, you can never be too secure on your digital gadgets and on January 28th it is Data Privacy Day.

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint.

The good news is according a study conducted by Hart Research and released by The Family Online Safety Institute this past November 2013, 76% of teens are concerned about their privacy online which is up from 30% a year prior than that!  Kids are listening to parents, educators and reports about their digital image.

What was most interesting is that teens want to hear from their parents and advocates.  We can never stop writing, lecturing and providing resources for kids to learn from.

StaySafeOnline offers great advice, resources and information for parents, teachers, advocates and everyone to learn from during Data Privacy Day and everyday.

Discuss privacy with your family. Have a “privacy talk” with your family, reminding everyone not to overshare personal information online Discuss other tips for using mobile devices and social networks responsibly. Use Data Privacy Day resources to guide the conversation.

Learn more at  Join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Use hashtag #DPD14 to promote Data Privacy Day on social networks with messages promoting privacy and data stewardship using the hashtag #DPD14 on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Create your own messages or use the list of prepared posts below. You can also download the list as a PDF.