BookDigitalDRamaWith the heartbreaking effects of online bullying occupying more and more of today’s media headlines, parents of teens – and teens themselves – are looking for help.  Thanks to a sponsorship by Microsoft and in support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Digital Drama: Staying Safe While Being Social Online, is available to parents, teachers, and teens for a FREE download from Amazon.

Digital Drama covers how to use social networks safely, stand up to online bullying, and build positive online reputations – topics every parent and teen should discuss. An E-book version of Digital Drama will be available at no cost from 12:00am Tuesday, September 24 until 11:59pm Friday, September 27, 2013. E-book gratuito también está disponible en español.

78% of teens already have cell phones super-glued to their hands. Parents, if you have not had “the Talk” with your kids about technology, download this book, read it, have your kids read it, and have “the Talk.” We all have to work together to help create a safer internet.”

Linda McCarthy, author of Digital Drama and former Symantec executive.

This is a book every parent needs to read, especially if they have teenagers.

Your digital footprint takes form the moment you log in to your computer. As you play your first online game or send your first IM, you are shaping your online reputation. How significant is your online reputation? Extremely.

About This Book:
Every day, millions of teens log on and make decisions that can compromise their safety, security, privacy, and future. If you are like most teens, you are already using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and have your smartphone super-glued to your hand. You tag your friends in photos, share your location and thoughts with friends, and post jokes online that later may be misunderstood. At the same time, you might not realize how that information can affect your reputation and safety, both online and offline. We’ve all heard the horror stories of stolen identities, cyber stalking, pedophiles on the Internet, and lost job, school, and personal opportunities. All teens need to learn how to protect themselves against malware, social networking scams, and cyberbullies. Learn crucial skills:
– Deal with cyberbullies
– Learn key social networking skills
– Protect your privacy
– Create a positive online reputation
-Protect yourself from phishing and malware scams