As many people, the weekend can be a time to browse the web.

This weekend, I was completely thrilled to come across an article titled “Best Blogs for Digital Parents.”

Being someone that is interested in cybersafety and parenting — I clicked on it and imagine my surprise when I realized that my own blog site was listed!!!!

I must say I am among great company too!  I am so honored that Tim Woda of Uknowkids would select my blog, since there are so many great sites out there.

Every time I post an article, or accept a guest post, I always think about what a parent or teacher or student will take away from it.  Blogs are a great way to express your feelings, a way for you to showcase your hobbies and interests, but for some of us – they are also a way to give out valuable information and resources.

Myself and other cyber-advocates are always sharing valuable digital tips as we hear about them.  From Facebook privacy policies, to the latest and scariest chatrooms that teens are venturing into.  Parents need to know – it is that simple.

Digital citizenship when a child gets a keypad is as important as toilet training when they are losing the diaper!

As I have continued to say, it is safety above privacy – always.  It is not about snooping, it is about monitoring.  We are a parent first always — you have years in their adult life to be their BFF.  When they have their own children they will understand.

Thanks again to Tim Woda — and I encourage everyone to go over and visit the other great Digital Parenting Blogs too!

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