EndBullyingIt’s up to us, no matter what age you are — you can make a difference.

Bullying affects everyone.  Most of all, the victim.

I know people are tired of hearing about cyberbullying, bullying and honestly – I can’t blame you.  The fact is, the words are being over-used.  It is time we take a stand and simply realize that no matter what we want to call it – it is cruelty to mankind.

It is being mean and downright childish behavior – and honestly, adults are guilty of it too!

I recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post, #EndBullying, a Message That Starts With Us, and I firmly believe that.

Kids In The House released an amazing video that gave us a close-up of kids that have been victimized by their peers.  Okay – we have heard these horrible stories before, but they end the video with a path to change.

We can turn this around with compassion and kindness.  Again, it starts with us – all of us.  It is the inspiration of being kicked down and rising above it that gives others the strength to do the same.

As someone that lived through the online abuse and spent years in emotional turmoil from this experience, and literally would have people tell me – “oh, just move on… ignore it” – I know how these kids feel, it is not that easy when the words and cruelty has gone viral!

Remember today malicious gossip is not limited to your neighborhood – it can spread to your future college, employers, relationships, clients etc…. yes, your online reputation is your life-line.

Share this video with your friends and family.  Be a part of making a difference in your community!  We have the ability to empower our youth and remember, you are a role model to someone – your actions matter.  Think before you speak or post.