Family conflict effects the everyone.

Recently a CBS talk show contacted me about a new show will be called “Serch” and their intention is to break the silence on certain social issues, remove the stigmas and educate the public, while also providing some sense of resolve.

We are open to hearing all different types of stories and are happy to speak with anyone brave enough to share with them.

Here are some of the topics they are working on and welcome you to contact them if you are willing to share your story:

  • Do you have or know a teen that is out of control?  Are they sexually promiscuous or reckless? Are they engaging in dangerous trends or behaviors?  Are they abusing social media outlets by exposing themselves too much?
  • Is your anger and frustration ruining your relation with your children, husband, boyfriend, or family?
  • Do you regret your decision to have kids? Are the burdens of motherhood too much to bear at times?  If you could do it over again would you still have kids?
  • Do you or your husband/wife go to extremes to discipline your children? Is it ruining your relationship?

Do you recognize yourself or your family in one of these topics above and would like to be considered to be part of this new series? Please contact associate producer Sean Leviashvili at  SEAN.LEVIASHVILI@CBS.COM or call directly at 917-332-3179.