GiftofSafetyEvery year when the holidays roll around more kids are introduced to more gadgets!

In reality, it doesn’t take a holiday for a child to receive a gadget.  With the latest study showing that 95% of teens having access to the Internet, chances are very good your child is one of them.

My philosophy has always been if your child is taught digital citizenship offline, no matter what tech gadget they become engaged with – as well as social media sites, they should be equipped to handle themselves with what they have been taught.

One of the best ideas I have seen to help parents this holiday season is from Family Online Safety Institute and A Platform for Good.

They have created Holiday Contract Cards for Families 2013!

Although I am not one that believes kids or teens need a data plan, there are some parents that are comfortable with it. I  encourage you to attach a contract with the phone you give – data plan or not.

A Platform for Good also offers contracts for Tablets, Laptops, Gaming, and Cellphones.

Safety is their number one priority – as it is for parents.  These contracts also provide extra space for you add in boundaries that you fit your families needs.

As a responsible parent, don’t consider giving a gift of technology without giving a gift of safety with it!