DJEric“Is it me or does this woman look like E.T. when they put the dress on him?” – DJ Eric B.

Who is DJ Eric B.?

According to his Facebook page his bio boasts more about who he is with rather than who he is.


DJ Eric B has rocked dance floors all over The East Coast to The Vegas Strip & has two of the hottest mix shows in Tennessee that can be heard on WKHT Hot 104.5 12-1 with the Noon Throwback Mix & 5-6 with the “The Fast Fix At Five” and for the last 9 years, DJ Eric B has Broadcasted shows around the world, all while holding down the hottest club resident spots in Tennessee and around the South! Voted Best DJ in Knoxville by Metro Pulse Best of 2010 and Voted Knoxville’s Best DJ by City View Magazine in 2012. Eric was also Featured in the February edition of DJ TIMES MAGAZINE and recently just opened for comic legend Dave Chappelle.

DJ Eric B has rocked shows with artist such as Dave Chappelle, Train, Shontell, Sean Kingston, Dev, We The Kings, Owl City, T-Pain, Russell Simons, Vanilla Ice, Kat Williams, Ludacris, DJ Skribbles, DJ ICEY, Chris Tucker, Joan Jett, Life House, PAUL WALL, Taio Cruz, I-Yaz, Trick Daddy, Bubba Sparxxx, Bobby Valentino, Bobby Brown, Montel Jordan, Keri Hilson, Slim (From 112), Nappy Roots, Pleasure P, Faust & Shortie, Steve Porter, Charles Feelgood, Terry Mullan, Webbie, Ying Yang Twins, Crystal Waters, 2 Live Crew, DJ Magic Mike,The And One Street Jam Basketball Tour, Adidas and EA Sports Basketball Jam , David Hollands, East Coast Boogie Men, Chris Fortier, Mystic Bill, Vicious Vic, Stacy Kidd, , Rob Vaughn, Diesel Boy, Jeffee, Nigel Richards, Voo Doo, DJ Who, Kimball Collins…. for more of his bragging.

Hear Me, See Me, Love Me.  They live a charmed life. 

Yes, that is my mantra for grownup bullies.  I recently wrote about them in the Huffington Post, Grownup Bullying and Monster Moms.

As I stated I firmly believe these people, who truly should know better, are seeking attention.  Although they want you to believe they are living this charmed life, from wonderful families, or hanging with the rich and famous, they are secretly struggling with low-self-worth.

Of course they will NEVER admit it!  We will always be the one that is dysfunctional or the one with the problem.  Maybe we look like E.T. or maybe we aren’t the perfect molded family, but at least we are the real deal.

Living a life of false reality has to be difficult.  Always seeking gratification from others to feel satisfied and fulfilled – or having to make others feel bad to make youself feel good – why?

When I wrote It Starts At The Top: Adult Bullying, these people are the ones that are attention seekers. Do they realize who are the ones watching?  Not only friends, but their own children.

Celebrities should recognize they are scrutinized and especially those that kids look up to.  When they act inappropriately many will make excuses for them – but should we?

So again, who is DJ Eric B.?  I would imagine in the field of radio DJ Eric B. is well-known.  Personally, I have never heard of him, but it proves again that bullying doesn’t discriminate.

My friend wrote this DJ out of concern for this woman and his harsh and mean comment.  As you will read – he has zero remorse and refused to apologize.  I also noticed that the photo was had 28 shares! Does that mean that 28 others (and probably adults) shared and made fun of this mother too?

Peer cruelty has no boundaries.

No one is immune to it.

People that strive for attention by hurting others simply want your attention.

See Me, Hear Me, Love Me.

They Pretend to Live A Charmed Life…. too bad they really don’t.


DJ Eric B has removed the post above at about 4pm EST today.  This comes after phone calls to his studio about his behavior to the radio station.

The fact is, like this post, it lives forever on the Internet.  Just like the 28+ people that shared the photo after he posted it.  We don’t know how many after the 28, shared it from their pages.  Like an STD, it simply multiplies.

No one wins when it comes to peer cruelty. The answer is simply to think before you post.  It is really that simple.  No matter what age you are, you have a responsibility when you engage in social media and networking with other people – especially if you are dealing with the public!