Cellphone2How many times have you seen a person talking on their cell phone while at dinner with someone?  Or a shopper carrying on a wireless phone conversation in a checkout line as the cashier tries to communicate with the person.

In today’s hyper multi-tasking society, we sometimes forget our manners, especially when it comes to cell phone use.

For parents, you have to remember you are the role model for your children — especially your teenagers.  Your cell phone habits will quickly become theirs.  Lead by example.

During this, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, AT&T is offering wireless users the following tips for using their devices responsibly and courteously:

  • Be considerate of others. When dining out with others, refrain from answering your phone, checking your e-mail or Tweeting at the table. Use silent or vibrate mode to alert you to incoming calls when appropriate. If you think an outgoing call might interrupt or disturb the recipient, send a text message instead. Or excuse yourself. It’s perfectly OK to step away from the table or go into another room to take an important call.
  • Know your place. Libraries, theaters, museums, and houses of worship are no place for a ringing phone. Speak quietly while riding on public transportation.
  • Let your phone do the work. Use Caller ID to screen calls or let voicemail take a message. Use text messaging to communicate discreetly.
  • Respect others’ privacy. Ask permission before taking a photo or shooting video of someone with the built-in camera on your smartphone.
  • Be a wireless Samaritan. Wireless phones can be invaluable during emergencies. Lives can be saved, crimes prevented and drunk drivers apprehended. Remember, dialing 911 is always a free call.