Power Pervs, When Troll Armies Attack, A$$holes in Charge, Swipe Right for Stalking… are some of the chapter titles in this empowering and brilliantly written book, Nobody’s Victim by Carrie Goldberg.

As a victim (and survivor) of internet defamation, cyberbullying and online shaming, I consider myself very fortunate.

Nobody’s Victim outlines some of the darkest and cruelest ways people use their keypad to inflict pain on others and destroy lives. The author herself shares her most intimate story of sexual assault and humiliation, her tenacity to fight back – not only for herself, but for literally thousands of others like her, is absolutely captivating.

Every chapter has a story of a victim that has not only impacted Carrie’s life, but she has changed their’s in a positive direction. When you read this book, you will learn just how prevalent revenge porn, non-consensual pornography, sextortion, swatting, doxing and other outrageous behavior of human scum exists in this world.

Carrie Goldberg writes a book that everyone can understand – one that is a page-turner (I literally finished it in two-days) since I couldn’t put it down. She doesn’t write above the average person, as a lawyer, some people tend to write in legalese that will bore you or you will find yourself searching the meaning of too many of the words – and it’s not an enjoyable read. That’s not the case with this book.

Nobody’s Victim is quite the opposite. She is talking to all of us. She is relating to your daughter, to your neighbor, a family member, maybe a teacher or even your own parent. This can happen to anyone – no one is immune to bad things happening to good people.

Carrie Goldberg speaks with Soledad O’Brien

One of my favorite sections is how she addresses young people (teens especially) being pressured into sending nudes or other sexual images. As many of us know, this is a major concern for parents and schools as we have witnessed many headlines of sexting scandals and slut pages.

However Carrie makes it clear when it comes to being pressured to send sexual content, this is coercion. Let’ me quote her from page 61 in her book:

Let’s be clear: Coercing someone into sending an intimate picture and then distributing that image without consent isn’t “sexting.” It’s a violation and a crime. And the first step to protecting young people from this kind of abuse is to teach them about consent.

Carrie Goldberg continues with an excellent explanation that every parent and adult need to understand:

Yes, asking a girl over and over again to send you a nude is PRESSURE. And, Someone threatening to dump you if you don’t send a pic is COERCION. And, Sharing threatening someone else’s naked pics with your friends without their consent in many states is a f–king crime.

Thank you Carrie. Your book is must read for all parents with teens with smartphones. According to the latest PEW survey – that’s about 95 percent.

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