digital_life_calendar_twitter_blogWe can be bombarded with tragic headlines of how the Internet has created an ugliness in people.  Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online harassment, Internet predators, Internet defamation, hackers, identity theft and more.

What about the positive?  Finding old classmates, reuniting with old friends and family, making new friends, learning about things we never would have otherwise and so much more.

Yes, the Internet is an educational tool, a networking machine or could be used as a weapon – like most things in life – it depends on the human using it.

Today you have an opportunity to “MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE” with social media!

Help Support Habitat for Humanity:  Tweet #DigitalLife on October 14

As a supporter of Habitat for Humanity, AT&T has come up with two additional ways to provide even more support for the nonprofit.

  1. For each tweet on October 14 that includes #DigitalLife, AT&T Digital Life will make a $1 donation to Habitat for Humanity, up to $5,000. To cap off the social media fundraiser, AT&T will hold a Twitter Party hosted on @MomItForward from 9 – 10 tonight, where you can learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s mission and how AT&T Digital Life is working to help make homes secure.
  2. Through October 18, AT&T Digital Life will make a donation to Habitat for Humanity each time a customer signs up for AT&T Digital Life Smart Security online or in participating retail stores, up to $25,000.

Digital Life has been working with Habitat to support its mission to help bring people together to build homes, communities and hope. Through a $100,000 donation to Habitat, Digital Life has helped the organization with rebuilding and revitalizing communities. Additionally, Digital Life has donated $10,000 to five local Habitat affiliates to help build new homes in partnership with low-income families in those cities.