CyberSrs2We often read about teens and troubling headlines such as bullying, cyberbullying, sexting is on the rise or other negative behavior.

Recently when Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project released their survey after interviewing 10,000 middle and high school students about what they believed matters most to their parents (achievement and happiness) – which was followed by concern and caring for others, I (and others) have decided to start writing about ideas about how parents can instill ways of caring for others.

What I didn’t know about was two sisters in Canada and their friends that needed to fulfill community service hours.  This isn’t any different than what U.S. students are required to do, however these students came up with a great idea to connect seniors to the digital world today – they literally connected generations!

There isn’t any reason teens can’t do this in every community across the country today!

Become a Cyber-Mentor and build Cyber-Senior Communities!

The idea was to help seniors in retirement homes to learn how to connect with their families online through Facebook, YouTube and even email.

The fact is our youth are cyber-savvy.  Who better to teach our seniors?  It’s a win-win for everyone.

These Cyber-Mentors has contests  and taught seniors how to take selfies! Students brought so much joy to these senior citizens!  One video shows a 90 year-old woman that found her home in England on Google Earth – and was brought to tears – yet another elderly woman makes the students giggle as she sings Hallelujah to YouTube for the first time.

Caring, kindness, paying it forward. Everyone wins.

Teens doing good and giving back to their community.  It makes a difference.  It always nice to hear the good news.  Pass it on and start a Cyber-Seniors Club in your area soon!