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With the sheer volume of shareable content available these days, our children are being introduced to the world of social media at a shockingly young age. While the minimum age to register for a Facebook account is 13 years old, more than 5 million children under age 10 have a Facebook account. Even more surprising? […]

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As social networking is growing not only with our youth, but with our adults too, it’s time we start talking about some bad habits that started early in the social media years and try to undo these unsafe social practices. Social media shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and likely will just continue to […]

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Despite growing concerns over kids’ safety and privacy online, a recent study showed that less than half of parents use parental control software to monitor their children’s activities and/or filter inappropriate web content. If parents are truly worried, and surveys show they are, then why aren’t more of them taking steps to keep their kids […]