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The holidays are here and many kids, especially teenagers, will be asking for new cell phones, iPhones and Smartphones. Did you notice I said new cell phones since chances are very good your child already has a cell phone and wants the latest and greatest one now. Let’s face it, we live in a tech-driven […]

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How do parents today determine when it’s appropriate to get their kids a cell phone? Parents should begin by having an ongoing dialogue with their children about the role technology will play in their lives. How will a mobile device be used? How will the child show responsibility for it? Who’s going to pay for […]

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Teens and cellphones are connected like our hands to our wrists. However when it comes to holidays and especially our Thanksgiving dinner table maybe we can ask for some disconnect time? To help keep harmony when your family gathers next week, here are a few tips from AT&T to ensure a peaceful and stress-free Thanksgiving […]