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Maybe I’m being polite when I said, coming to terms with online embellishment, when I actual meant — social media fakes. People who post to social media about their wonderful lives when behind the screens, it is anything but roses and cherries. It’s always nice to see people posting about their new puppy or kitty they saved […]

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Have you become part of a social media cliché? Have you become so predictable that  your friends know what to expect from your keystrokes, posts, and comments? Safer Online by Microsoft challenges you to think of this before you post — since it will be there a long, long time. Are you hashtag hyper?  Do […]

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“I have 422 friends, yet I am lonely….” is how this video starts. Smartphones, iPhones, computers, tablets…. the lost connection of face-to-face time. We type as we talk,  we read as we chat, we get caught in the net, before we know it – we will have regret….. (paraphrasing some words from this wake-up call […]