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There are many people in our family, schools and community that deserve a big virtual hug of gratitude. Someone that may have mentored you, someone that may have helped you through a difficult situation, maybe someone that is helping you pay for school.  Maybe there is a teacher that has inspired to you to stay […]

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In recent years, society has become more sensitive to social issues. This can be attributed to our growing digital connectivity – with the click of a mouse, news and information is much more accessible, paving the way for an increasingly aware population. But simple awareness isn’t enough to make a difference. Everyone needs to step […]

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Everyone talks about bullying and cyber bullying prevention and now that summer is here and school is out, kids don’t have the support of a guidance counselor or an anti-bullying prevention team at school to report bullying to or a possible peer support group to be with. This is a perfect time to encourage your […]