HappyThanksgivingTeens and cellphones are connected like our hands to our wrists.

However when it comes to holidays and especially our Thanksgiving dinner table maybe we can ask for some disconnect time?

To help keep harmony when your family gathers next week, here are a few tips from AT&T to ensure a peaceful and stress-free Thanksgiving without the interference of overwhelming cell phone usage:

·         Silence is golden – All cell phones should be on silent or vibrate mode on Thanksgiving day.

·         Create a cell phone free zone – Family can text, talk, surf online and check Facebook as much as they want during the football game and kitchen prep, but not at the Thanksgiving table.

·         No paparazzi – Take photos of family before or after the meal, but don’t whip out your camera phone during dinner (well, unless the baby’s first Thanksgiving turns out to be really cute).

·         Take personal conversations outside (or in a different room) – If you must take or make a call on Thanksgiving day, step outside or into another room, so that others aren’t forced to overhear your call.

·         Take a break between courses – If people need to check their phones, build in breaks between the meal and dessert when everyone is stretching their legs anyway.

Happy Holidays!