CommunityThere are many people in our family, schools and community that deserve a big virtual hug of gratitude.

Someone that may have mentored you, someone that may have helped you through a difficult situation, maybe someone that is helping you pay for school.  Maybe there is a teacher that has inspired to you to stay in school.

If you look around we can always find many reasons to be grateful.

What I like to do is search for organizations and businesses that are always reaching out to make a difference — all year round.  This is the perfect time of the year to say thank you to them.  Some are huge corporations and others are quiet organizations just doing what they love to do.

I will list a few that I find are generous with their time, experience, expertise and otherwise and I encourage  all readers to please feel free to add more exceptional organizations and businesses (see below).

(List in no particular order)

The Cyberbullying Research Center:  Drs. Justin Patchin and Sameer Hinduja are the founders and have created a vast amount of research and information to help schools, parents, teachers and students understand and prevent cyberbullying.  Their latest book, Words Wound: Deleting Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral is the first book that is written for t(w)eens and by teens! A must read by all parents and their kids.  Follow them on Twitter, use hashtag #WordsWound.

A Platform For Good: – One of the leaders in promoting positive digital awareness and resources.  A Platform For Good always delivers a message in a form that is uplifting and educational, which makes them one of my favorite sites to visit.  Thank you for always giving your audience a safe and enlightening experience.  We always learn something new here!  Follow them on Twitter.

Microsoft Safety Center:  It’s not only about Microsoft products, it is about challenging you to insure you and your family is safe and secure digitally.  Safer Online is a division of Microsoft that frequently has surveys and contests to help educate and inform us about today’s digital trends. Follow them on Twitter.

Verizon Wireless Foundation: Known for their wireless phone, they are also advocates for promoting cybersafety and cell-phone through their contests and challenges.  Another one of their generous and inspirational program is the HopeLine for victims of domestic violence.  Follow them on Twitter.

Community Empowerment Series: St. Johns County, Florida, with their generous sponsors, is being presented this year by The Dance Company of St. Augustine.  As a community they educate their parents, teachers, students and everyone on today’s issues such as bullying, cyberbullying, cybersafety, stranger danger and body-image.

SmartSign:  They believe that smarter signs save lives!  Their campaign #TakeNoBullies has spread nationwide with their logos, stickers and pins that are putting a stamp-out on bullying and cyberbullying.  They support students, schools and organizations that provide digital citizenship.  Follow them on Twitter.

Is there a business or organization that you offers outreach in your community or nationally?  Please be sure to share it with others and be send them a virtual note of thanks!

Send me an email at sue.scheff[at] and I will consider adding them.

Happy November and Thanksgiving 2013!  Follow me on Twitter – and send a shout-out to all these Tweeples on Twitter too!