DrunkGeniusEvery week  I hear from parents about how intelligent their teens are, yet they are either using drugs (smoking pot) or drinking on a regular basis or even just on the weekends with their friends.  Yes, these kids are very smart and some are even very athletic, but they are making stupid choices.  This is not something that would be considered intelligent.

Why?  Peer pressure?  Low self-esteem? This is when a parent needs to step in and be a parent and get their teen help before it escalates into addiction or possibly  worse.

Your intelligence at 16 is a strong indicator of how much and how often you will drink throughout adulthood.

Over the last 55 years, in the U.S. and U.K., several studies have been conducted that show a direct relationship between childhood intelligence and adult alcohol consumption. Controlling for a huge plethora of factors, the study reveals that it is intelligence itself that influences alcohol consumption, not all the things that accompany intelligence.