Is your teen hooked on to their devices? Do you fear they are addicted to technology? Are they withdrawn or isolating to their rooms — maybe becoming depressed or struggling with anxiety? Learn how a teen life coach can help with technology addiction.

Many parents today struggle to convince their adolescent, especially a teenager to attend counseling. In some situations when they finally attend a counseling session, they refuse to engage, shut-down or manipulate the conversation. However, a teen life coach has been able to make breakthroughs with young people — especially when it pertains to technology.

Teen depression, anxiety, defiance, as well as suicide ideation is climbing in healthcare leaving parents begging for help – especially when therapy (counseling) doesn’t seem to be an option. Some young people are turning to smoking marijuana or vaping THC as a form of self-medicating, to cope with anxiety, stress or even depression.

What is a Certified Teen Life Coach?

Certified Teen Life Coach is someone who uses their knowledge, skills and expertise to guide troubled or at-risk teens navigate through personal, behavioral or mental health challenges by focusing on the present issues and setting goals for achievement and success.

Certified Teen Life Coaches are an excellent alternative if your child is refusing therapy, especially if they have an issue with the embarrassment of it (stigma), however having a Teen Life Coach, can be considered cool. 

Your teenager’s life coach can be someone that is more relatable in their world, helping them navigate screentime, peer pressure, bullying (cyberbullying), school refusal (lack of motivation), anxiety, depression and more – helping them restore their emotional health and relationships including with their parents.

Marissa Terron, founder of Families in Need of Direction – Therapeutic Life Coaching, (F.I.N.D.-TLC) and a Certified Teen Life Coach, works with many adolescents (tweens and teens) and shares that although most have refused to attend counseling sessions, some simply preferred the style of a life coach for emotional support.

“Most young people today are struggling with relational issues, social media pressure and addiction that often lead to isolation & depression. In many situations it’s causing intelligent students to fail in school, or refuse to attend classes. The stress and anxiety have become overwhelming to adolescents today and most lack the coping skills to handle their feelings of anger, rage, or sadness.”


“We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment that provides support and guidance to develop effective communication strategies, boundary-setting techniques and conflict resolution skills.” shares Marissa Terron.

What is the difference between hiring a Certified Teen Life Coach verses a therapist or counselor?

A therapist or counselor will focus on the past to understand the teens current behaviors. A life coach will focus on the present behaviors for over-all achievement and improvement. In many situations, your child’s technology addiction is about their present behavior — not necessary what has happened in their past.

Certified Teen Life Coach Marissa Terron said that the most common conflict that young people have today is social Issues and social media pressure addiction that often led to isolation & depression.

A teen life coach can assist your teen with the following:

  • Screen-time management
  • Cyberbullying and harassment
  • Risks of sexting or sharing inappropriate content
  • Handling FOMO (fear of missing out, when they’re not included in events)
  • Understanding online is not always reality
  • And much more for their emotional wellness

Need to find a teen life coach? A simple online search for “teen life coaches” should direct you to local coaches for your consideration.