parenting-in-a-digital-worl__largeNew Intel Security recently released their latest study, “Realities of Cyber Parenting: What Pre-teens and Teens are Up To Online” which gave us some insights of what parents are most concerned about when it comes to Internet Safety.

June is Internet Safety Month, but as I have always said, practicing online safety is something we implement 12-months a year.  This month is the time we officially recognize it, and hopefully make extra time to learn something new.

Realities of Cyber Parenting Study examined the online behavior of pre-teens and teens ages 8-16 and also surveyed the concerns of parents.

The study revealed that although cyberbullying seems to be most prevalent in the headlines, parents are most concerned about their children interacting with strangers online.

The 2015 research revealed that when it comes to online activity, parents are most concerned (28%) about their children unknowingly interacting with predators/pedophiles, while 21% fear them interacting with strangers in general. This concern could be warranted as 27% of teen/pre-teen respondents said they would meet or have met someone in person they first met online.

One of the highlights of this study was about sharing selfies.

  • 56% of youth share photos of themselves.

Have you spoken to your child about oversharing lately?  As parents are concerned about predators, we need to remember to caution our children and ourselves about what we are posting online.  Parents can be guilty of oversharing too.

This is the perfect time to chat with your child about pausing before posting.

The good news is that 94% of the parents surveyed believe they know what their children are doing online.

Hopefully they are implementing the offline parenting chats.  Offline parenting does help your child make better online choices.

Dare to go dark starting June 14th, 2015.  Really get to know your family.  It will probably be better than a reality show.

Use hashtag #DarkForDinner
Make family your priority for #InternetSafety Month!

Read more about this latest study from Intel Security – click here.