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By educating ourselves, parents, teachers, and students, we are elevating our community. Florida is sadly recognized for tragic headlines of youth suicides, bullying and cyberbullying. When the oldest city in our country, St. Augustine, decided to launch The Community Empowerment Series in 2013, no one imagined it would grow into an event that now. We […]

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It’s that time of the year when people make resolutions that they usually don’t end up keeping. Joining a gym, dieting, quit smoking, exercising more, stop swearing, visiting relatives more, unplugging more, slowing down,  etc….. I can’t help but reflect on a year when bullying and cyberbullying was constantly in our headlines. From youth suicides […]

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Peer cruelty is something that no should have to tolerate. Growing up today is difficult enough – being an adolescent, understanding who you are, going through puberty and realizing you are not what people expect can be devastating. I recently read a Huffington Post article with a compelling short film that I am sharing, SAM.  […]

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There are experts and there are advocates in the bullying and cyberbullying arena.  Actually in many fields you will find experts and advocates. When it comes to cyberbullying two of the leading experts, Drs. Justin Patchin and Sameer Hinduja, founders of The Cyberbullying Research Center, are undeniable the best in their field. Cyberbullying is a […]

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Cyberbullying. Just for kicks I looked up the definition online and did a screenshot of it. If you can read the bottom lines it states: “children may be reluctant to admit to being victims of cyberbullying” I can understand the reluctance. We know that many kids and adults will silently suffer and unfortunately we don’t […]

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Children have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, physically or mentally, they have a right to privacy. We all share a collective responsibility to guarantee these rights are enforced and enable children and young people to play, learn, develop, and participate, both offline and online. The video below is brought you […]

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No comments and The Wireless Foundation extend availability of “Bully Text” after over 128,000 young people play the game Whether the victim of bystander, “Bully Text” educational mobile game empowers young people with strategies on how to stop bullying and The Wireless Foundation announce the extension of ‘Bully Text’, a virtual text-based educational game where […]

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In recent years, society has become more sensitive to social issues. This can be attributed to our growing digital connectivity – with the click of a mouse, news and information is much more accessible, paving the way for an increasingly aware population. But simple awareness isn’t enough to make a difference. Everyone needs to step […]

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Did you know 1 in 6 teenagers are cyberbullied? Cyberbullying is defined as the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cellphones, and other electronic devices.” With 80% of teens on cell phones and the same on social media sites,it’s time to understand that technology is connecting teens in ways they can’t […]

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The Invisible Boy is simply brilliant! Engaging, enlightening and definitely a story that will ignite a conversation that is so important today.  Creating and instilling empathy in our children. Trudy Ludwig, the author of this amazing book, creates characters that we all can relate to, especially our young children. As Brian is penciled in as […]