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It’s a fact today, your online reputation will effect your future. From teens applying to colleges to filling out job applications; to adults interviewing for career changes or leasing an apartment or even dating online — someone at sometime will put your name through the Google rinse cycle. What does your social personality say about […]

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The Bully. No one is immune to online harassment.  No matter what your age, race or religion – you can quickly fall victim to vicious keystrokes within seconds. According to a Cox Communications Survey, 81 percent of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.  This makes sense […]

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Have you become part of a social media cliché? Have you become so predictable that  your friends know what to expect from your keystrokes, posts, and comments? Safer Online by Microsoft challenges you to think of this before you post — since it will be there a long, long time. Are you hashtag hyper?  Do […]

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Microsoft celebrates an online safety social media milestone! And I am so proud to be part of it as a key influencer! I am honored to be listed with people I respect and consider mentors: Anne Collier, Stephen Balkam, Larry Magid, danah boyd and Michael Kaiser. @Safer_Online is a community that promotes and supports online […]

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I think everyone can conclude we strive for safety online for ourselves and our families – especially our children. We want to: Protect them from predators Create strong passwords Avoid hoax and scams Protect your identity & your child’s Overall cyber-safety One area that I believe concerns us the most is the way privacy is […]

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There are many people in our family, schools and community that deserve a big virtual hug of gratitude. Someone that may have mentored you, someone that may have helped you through a difficult situation, maybe someone that is helping you pay for school.  Maybe there is a teacher that has inspired to you to stay […]