Some teens need a gap year to decide their educational journey.

Some teens need a gap year to decide their educational journey.

Wilderness Ventures, the oldest and most experienced adventure travel program offering teen summer camps, is announcing their unique Leadership Adventures for late high school and early college students for 2014. Wilderness Ventures’ ‘gap year’ experiences offer students the chance to spend their summer vacation learning about the great outdoors and finding adventure in America’s untamed wilderness.

The concept of the Gap Year refers to a gap or break from formal education that students take with the purpose of traveling, exploring, volunteering, and more.  An experience that can last several weeks to a semester or more, the Gap Year offers students the opportunity to gain real-life experience during that important ‘coming of age’ transition between high school, college, and beyond. Wilderness Ventures offers Leadership Adventures that are designed to build self-esteem, teach leadership skills, educate students about wildlife and environmental conservation, promote philanthropy, and foster friendships—all of which are valuable skills to high school and college students who are on the cusp of entering the work force.

Wilderness Ventures offers an Alaska College Leadership Adventure that takes adventurers to the wilds of Alaska for a once in a lifetime adventure. On this journey, students have an opportunity to explore the spectacular Talkeetna Mountains during a 7-day backpacking trip and sea kayaking the Prince William Sound on a 6-day exploration. During the trip, students also spend two days learning first aid techniques imperative for backcountry travel, a wonderful concrete step in developing the qualifications and skills needed as an outdoor leader. Wilderness Ventures other gap year destinations for high school aged students include Washington, British Columbia, Wyoming, Montana, the Hawaiian Islands, and more.

As Wilderness Ventures enters its 40th year of operation, the organization has successfully become the oldest and most experienced adventure travel company for young people. Their life-altering experiences in some of the world’s most magnificent natural settings are crafted for young adults who are just beginning their experiences in the outdoors or teenagers who are accustomed to outdoor life. For young adults who are looking for fun and adventure in a non-competitive, supportive setting, Wilderness Ventures’ expeditions are an ideal option and offer life-changing opportunities. For more information about Wilderness Ventures’ gap year experiences, visit

About Wilderness Ventures:

With more than 21,000 student alumni, Wilderness Ventures has pioneered outdoor adventures for young adults and has paved the way for youth travel around the world.  Their 40 years of experience, unwavering values of community, inter-personal growth, wholesome environments, safety, wilderness education, discovery, conservation, and exploration have led to their unmatched and trusted reputation. Wilderness Ventures currently holds special permits to operate their teen adventure camps in 20 National Parks and 17 designated wilderness areas with special permits.