KindnessClub5Schools will be opening throughout our country shortly.

Most schools have implemented anti-bullying policies – and hopefully many have anti-bullying clubs.

Anti-bullying Clubs are now being switched up to Kindness Clubs.

This is a great idea since kindness a direct way to combat bullying.  Finding small ways each day to help someone feel good – or finding community projects your club can participate in, spreading kindness needs to be a way of life.

As school opens find out how you can start a Kindness Club in your school or class this year.  Ask your teacher or guidance counselor.  Get your friends motivated and start by listing how you can spread kindness each day:

  • Tell a teacher you appreciate them
  • Help a student that is being tormented, be an upstander
  • Pass out flyers on bullying and cyberbullying prevention
  • Leave messages for someone that is feeling down, let them know they are not alone
  • Leave messages ‘just because’ it’s nice to do – lift others up everyday
  • Tell a janitor what a good job they did
  • Smile at people – let them know you notice them
  • Make time for those that seem lonely, introduce yourself
  • Offer to tutor students that are struggling academically
  • Compliment others, (their hair, clothes, their smile) – be kind – it matters
  • Eat lunch with new people
  • Be sure new students don’t feel like strangers
  • Look for community projects to participate in – visiting nursing homes, assisted living centers and teaching them about cyberspace!  CyberSeniors love meeting cyber-mentors!

Need some inspiration?  Visit these websites for ideas: Spark Kindness, Ripple Kindness, iCanHelp, Random Act of Kindness, KindnessCounts, and Pennies of Time.