Finding Your Teen’s Passion

Does your teen love writing, film, arts, graphics, creativity?

It’s been a difficult past six months, especially for teenagers. From boredom, to anxiety and even depression, young people are emotionally struggling with this new normal.

Now they are facing the new classroom. Online and distance learning can be challenging, so if you can find something that they are interested in — it can help motivate and inspire them.

You can’t simply take a traditional class and put it online and expect students to just adapt, it’s not happening. But I believe if you can get them interested (excited) in one area, it makes it much easier to excite them in other areas, as well.

The Expert

Bonnie Garvin, with decades of experience as a writer, producer and professor – understands that storytelling is the key to understanding the world we live in–whether it’s understanding how to tell a story, interpret as story or write one.

She has spent thousands of hours teaching thousands of students, from college students to adults, she knows what’s required to attain, hold and sustain attention. Now she is expanding her new classroom to younger students starting at 16 years old.

Bonnie has created a six week, wholly unique course offering a multimedia approach to storytelling that spans the disciplines. It teaches a range of skills applicable to multiple fields of study.

This course is not only FUN and intellectually stimulating it has an added bonus: inspiring and enhancing communication within the family. 

The Storytelling Lab

How it works

Using film, graphic novel, and documentary storytelling, students will learn to translate what they’re watching into a broader life experience. Each class will encompass topics such as theme, metaphor, character development, and interpersonal relationships.

Each story will be examined through a broader lens to include history, culture, art, gender, race, music, etc.  Students will be challenged to form and express their ideas and opinions through writing assignments and verbal weekly “debates.”

The lab will be a cohort model, consisting of only six students. The intimacy enables students to form a cohesive group where everyone can contribute, and no one hides or gets lost. The atmosphere promotes a safe environment to express thoughts and ideas. 

Having been marooned together at the dinner table, the class will have to encourage meaningful table talk. Students will receive a weekly suggested topic relating to the broader issues addressed in the film.

This course is recommended for ages 16 years-old and up.

Attain New Skills

Your teen and young adult will have the opportunity to:

  • Analyze and deconstruct the elements of storytelling
  • Enhance and hone writing skills 
  • Build confidence and ability 
  • Expand and improve verbal communication
  • Learn how to contextualize and express ideas
  • Promote cultural awareness and understanding
  • Open new intellectual pathways 
  • Stimulate imagination and creativity
  • Understand and appreciate film in a broader context

Contact Bonnie at for more information and visit STORYTELLING LAB.