Selfie Obsession: The Rise of the Social Media Narcissist


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SelfieNationNo one is in the dark about the selfie generation. It seems everywhere we go people have their phones in place taking photos of themselves — and posting them on various social platforms.

We’ve read that some forms of selfie love can be about building a teen’s self esteem, however in many situations it goes far past that. From the competitive LIKE’s count, to re-doing their photo until perfection, the selfie world can drive teens to a new level of stress and sadness.

It’s not only teenagers.

With technology and social media – it comes down to a healthy balance. When is too much – too much?

In a recent survey by OfficeTeam, 62% of Human Resource Managers said posting negative or inappropriate comments influenced their decision in hiring that applicant. In their top five list of social media faux pas,  number two was:

  • The Superfluous Selfie Poster has no shortage of social media photos, but they’re not exactly always office-appropriate, and there are enough of them to suggest an inflated ego. Advice: Remove or untag yourself from any images that may raise eyebrows. Use a polished profile photograph.

This recent infographic, courtesy of Rawhide, offers some insights of how a selfie obsession can be unhealthy if not addressed.

It’s important to take note of the 3-R’s they’ve listed to help you and your teenager to start to get control of a selfie obsession.

Before you snap your next selfie – consider the following.

Selfie obsession: Rise of the Social Media Narcissist

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