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Girls can be mean.  Kids can be mean. Adults are no different – sadly.  No one is immune to bullying but everyone has the ability to be kind. We have heard a lot about mean girls, almost to exhaustion, yet it doesn’t make it go away or even get better.  Girls gossip, they will berate […]

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Katherine Pham and Gabriella Mariscal wanted to take storytelling at their school to the next level. Feeling inspired by the work on the Facebook Page Humans of New York, the two High School Seniors created Humans of Loara. With the support of their advisor Paul Chylinski, the students set out to improve their school the […]

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There’s no surprise that kids are glued to their screens, especially when it comes to video games. As you start this short four-minute plus film, you may believe this is another young boy completely engaged in this video warfare. Then enters mom…. and the story begins. It’s not what you expect and completely not what […]

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Sometimes it can seem like we are always hearing doom and gloom when it comes to our youth, especially teenagers. I want to turn that around with this great survey that Stage of Life (that offers writing contests for high school students) conducted with a group of teenagers, regarding Random Acts of Kindness. We often thinking of […]

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One of my favorite organizations, #iCANHELP, has a message to share for a special day coming soon – Mother’s Day: Sacramento, CA – National nonprofit #icanhelp is launching a campaign for Mother’s Day to show that My Mom Rocks. During the month of May we want you to share all of the great things that […]

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Most of read and heard about survey that was released this week from the Harvard School of Education, Making Caring Common Project. Children revealed that they felt it was more important to  their parents that they are high achievers and happy over concern for others. What does this mean? I personally speak with parents of […]

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#iCANHELP Campaign continues to spread nationwide with their message that kindness can defeat negativity. A few negative posts can leave you feeling alone and isolated. However, all it takes is one person noticing something good and complimenting our day to erase all of the negativity that is following us around. Simple acts of kindness happen […]

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With so much discussion about peer cruelty, meanness, teasing and simply not being kind to each other, having the reminder that Being a Friend and Being Good are gifts that never get old. We have graduations coming up, Easter, Passover and maybe some people have birthdays.  I know so many people out there have turned […]

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It’s that time of the year when people make resolutions that they usually don’t end up keeping. Joining a gym, dieting, quit smoking, exercising more, stop swearing, visiting relatives more, unplugging more, slowing down,  etc….. I can’t help but reflect on a year when bullying and cyberbullying was constantly in our headlines. From youth suicides […]

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Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is a perfect time to introduce Kindr! Being kind can prevent bullying and cyberbullying…. Matt Ivester, the creator of Kindr, took some time out of his busy schedule to share some insights about his new app as well as his bestselling book, lol…OMG! 1.  What is Kindr, and what inspired its […]