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Courtesy of AT&T Smart Limits  

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It’s almost reads like a fiction novel or a Friday night mystery that you don’t think will ever happen to you  – and suddenly you realize, it can. Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls are accused of luring a middle school classmate into the woods in a Milwaukee suburb and stabbing her 19 times in an attack […]

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As you get older, you soon realize that it is not the quantity of friends you have, it is the quality of them. You learn to separate your acquaintances from your good friends, and your childhood friends from your current friends. We also learn, as adults, that our friends can be a reflection of who […]

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Facebook is an extremely useful and entertaining form of social media; connecting over 1.1 billion users and facilitating an easy way of sharing a variety of content. However, despite its numerous benefits, Facebook does raise the issue of privacy with regards to the distribution of your personal information. Staggeringly, research has shown that 25% of […]

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When you look in your living room, are your pre-teens immersed in a video game on a console, computer, or cellphone? Chances are, the games they’re playing have online connectivity. Gartner reports that a large portion of the $111 billion video game market consists of online games. 38 percent of minors enjoy video gaming as […]

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Children and teens talking and texting on their smartphones is a very common sight on any city street or in any shopping mall. Children get their hands on mobile devices at a very early age; most are online by the time they are in the third grade. While technology can be a fantastic learning tool […]

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If you are from my generation Another Brick in the Wall brings back memories of one of the best classic rock songs by Pink Floyd. Today we can use it as an analogy. We have our Facebook wall (or timeline), we have streams on Twitter and Instagram and other social networking apps that we enjoy […]

Pink Shirt Day 2014


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Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 26th, 2014. It is the seventh annual Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day. As you know, bullying and the prevention of it has become a major focus in our schools today. Bullies are no longer limited to just verbal or physical bullying. Text and online bullying have become a serious problem […]

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Texting has become a common form of communication today.  Actually I think more people text than they actually speak. Without being in front of a person it is easier to be bold with your words, or should I say keystrokes.  This is why people, especially teens and kids need to remember there is a real […]

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Internet safety is a priority and the most important part of your digital safety is your privacy and security. Like many people, young and not-so-young, we are engaged in social media.  From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram you will have experienced “the #HASHTAG” What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or an unspaced […]