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Teens today have grown up surrounded by technology. Some might argue they were practically born with smartphones in their hands. In some cases, your teenager might even know more about the Internet than you. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to getting into trouble online. Because teens feel so comfortable using computers and phones, […]

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7 ways to help your teen avoid bad habits on social media. You had to have seen this one coming: kids are picking up bad habits from their extensive use of social media. This can’t come as too big of a surprise though, because it stands to reason that something so popular and fun would […]

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We were always taught to share.  It was engrained in our upbringing.  Funny how things can take-on different meanings as we grow older and as the world has changed. There are two cyber-safety days coming up soon, and honestly, I think it is great we recognize these days — but I sincerely hope that everyday […]