Actually it is Tag Someone You Love Thursday!

Everyone knows about Throwback Thursday, however in an effort to delete negativity on social media, #iCANHELP Campaign created Tag Someone You Love Thursday!

Have you become a positive warrior yet?

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr – instead of posting a Throwback picture that is limited to a few giggles – maybe spread some kindness with keystrokes of compliments!

Tag someone with love today!  You never know when you will say those words that will lift a person up at a moment they need to hear (or read) it most!

So who are these Positive Warriors?

The Excelsior Middle School in Byron, CA started the #iCANHELP Campaign after someone created an ugly Facebook page about a teacher.  A group of students as well as other teachers gathered and were determined to defeat the cruelty with kindness!

Today and everyday remember, you can un-Crumple someone with a few keystrokes or kind words – try it!  Remember, text messages included.

Won’t you join them? Follow #iCANHELP on Twitter and join them on Facebook.

#iCANHELP encourages you to STACK IT!

#iCANHELP replaced Hump Day with Happy Help Day!

Remember, don’t change who you are or what you stand for just because you are online!