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Recently I wrote an article for Huffington Post, Your Online Reputation Doesn’t Take the Holidays Off.  Why?  Because I was browsing Facebook the other day and stunned at what people will share – or should we say – overshare. It isn’t only photos – there are videos that can be questionable too. Since it is […]

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It has been several years since Google Bomb was launched and I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t still receive emails from victims that have been viciously attacked online. Who are these people? They can range from professionals such as doctors, teachers, business owners and principals,  to the mommy bloggers that are […]

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Online defamation has become increasingly prevalent in the past several years, necessitating legal action in many cases. Social networking and blogging have led to a sharp increase in online defamation, especially since many individuals believe the Internet to be an unregulated frontier. Courts have consistently affirmed that libel regulations apply to online content just as […]