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“I think my teen is abusing alcohol.” Every parent, at some point or another, comes across a fear that brings them to their knees: teen drinking. Unfortunately, statistics show that this problem is more common than most parents want to admit. An article on the We Don’t Serve Teens website said that more than seven […]

Raising My Teens


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Special Guest Post by Jason Miner. If I were to make a list of the hardest things I’ve ever endeavored to do in my lifetime, at the top of the list would be raising teenagers. It has to do with loving them so much that you don’t want to see them suffer but you have […]

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It is one of the most frequent comments I hear from parents today – their teen is addicted to the Internet – and mainly to the social networking. I often want to ask the parent what their social networking habits are?  Remember, our kids are always watching us. Does your teen’s life revolve around Facebook? […]